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3rd Inter University Taikai (2017)
Posted: September 11, 2017 by JKhor

Since introduction in 2015, the Inter University Taikai has served to provide university students an opportunity to obtain more shiai experience as part of the build up to the Australian University Games in September. Furthermore, it provides many beginners the chance to compete early on, allowing them to gain more exposure to the wider kendo community.

The event saw a strong performance from not only the senior players from Monash and MUKEN, but also from the beginners, many showing calm determination despite the pressure and stress of shiai.

Following a strong performance at the Victorian Kendo Championships, MUKEN's kyu team has been steadily preparing themselves for the inevitable clash with UTS at September's AUG. The team was able prove their year-long dedication has been paying off, with strong performances coming from both the Mens and Womens teams.

This event would not have been possible without the voluntary contributions of the club members and shinpan. We were able to host two courts, providing much needed experience to many members in terms of event management. MUKEN's continual growth comes from the cumulative efforts of the coaching staff, and the players.

Results of the event are as follows:

Womens Kyu Individual

First: Emily Coady ( MONASH )
Second: Nicky Lieu ( MUKEN )
Equal Third: Amelia Ding ( MUKEN )
Victoria Chow

Mens Kyu Individual

First: Sam Day
Second: Huu Duc Thang Nguyen
Equal Third: Benson Chan ( MONASH )
Peter Zhang

Mens Dan Individual

First: Kohei Hachida
Second: Kodo Goto

Mens Kyu Teams

First: MUKEN A

Womens Kyu Team

First: MUKEN A

East vs West Kachinuki

Western team wins, with western Fukusho, Kodo Goto defeating the final three players of the Eastern Team.