History of MUKEN

Founded in 1989.

The Melbourne University Kendo Club is one of the larger Kendo Clubs in Victoria. The club was originally founded in May 1989. The majority of the members are University students, but the club welcomes all who are interested in practicing and learning the art of Kendo.

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President: Sofie Macak

Secretary: David Hook

Treasurer: David Aldridge

  • Apr 14: Booking for Gym at the Frank Tait Building, approved
  • Apr 17: First Training
  • May 22: 1st Beginners Course, training now Mondays and Thursdays
  • May 23: Opened club bank account
  • July 1: Registered as VKR Club, 4 members
  • Oct 26: Special General Meeting, 7 members present, adoption of Draft Constitution, election of Office bearers


President: Sofie Macak

Secretary: David Hook

Treasurer: David Aldridge

  • Mar 22: 1st Annual General Meeting
  • July 15: Kenshikan Dojo opens


President: Scott Dewar

Secretary: David Hook

Treasurer: Monica Murdoch

  • Apr 27/28: Weekend Training Camp Gisborne High School
  • Apr 29: 2nd AGM - 11 members present, 2 apologies
  • July: Eight members registered


President: Scott Dewar



  • April: Weekend Training Camp Gisborne High School
  • 3rd AGM


President: Scott Dewar

Secretary: Graeme Currie

Treasurer: Chris Panagopoulos

  • Now training in West Stadium
  • Apr 28: 4th AGM, 13 members, 2 apologies
  • May 29/30: Weekend Training Camp Queenscliff High School. Monash University Kendo Club members also attend
  • July 10/11: University Kendo Championships held at Melbourne University 25 Competitors


President: Nick Hannigan

Secretary: Graeme Currie

Treasurer: Chris Panagopoulos

  • Apr 25: 5th AGM, 7 members, 3 apologies
  • Name change to University of Melbourne Kendo Club
  • May 29: Sofie Macak, a foundation member and first Club President, passes away after short illness.
  • July 9: University Kendo Championship Adelaide, probationary official University Championships 27 competitors, 6 Universities represented. Nick Hannigan UMKC selected in a nominal Australian Universities Team





  • 6th AGM


President: Chris Panagopoulos

Secretary: Caleb Paul

Treasurer: Graeme Currie

  • May 1: 7th AGM
  • 28 - 29 Sept Australian Kendo University Championships held at ANU. UMKC represented by Chris Panagopoulos, Caleb Paul, Junko Ito, Katherine Lucy, Kang Yang Lim, Kenji Sugimoto and Norito Komatsu.


President: Chris Panagopoulos

Secretary: Caleb Paul

Treasurer: David Bell

  • 8th AGM
  • 7 - 8 June Australian Kendo Championships held at University High School Melbourne. Victorian Kyu Team wins gold medal with UMKC members Graeme Currie, Chris Panagopoulos and Caleb Paul.
  • Sept: AUG in Melbourne, host Latrobe University, UMKC Kyu Team 2nd place.
  • Mumeishi 3's: UMKC 1st place- Kang Yang Lim, Kenji Sugimoto, Daisuke Morohashi.
  • Club kyu grade championship winner - Junko Ito.


President: Chris Panagopoulos

Secretary: Graeme Currie

Treasurer: Kenji Sugimoto

  • April 29th - 9th AGM, 19 present, three apologies.
  • AUG held in Melbourne
  • Club kyu grade championship winner - Josh Orth


President: Chris Panagopoulos

Secretary: Kenji Sugimoto

Treasurer: Isaac Kong

  • 22nd May - UMKC's 10th anniversary - celebration to commemorate this event including dinner at Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant in Carlton.
  • April 28th - 10th AGM, 21 present, one apology
  • Club kyu grade championship winner Kenji Sugimoto
  • Victorian Kendo Championships: Kenji Sugimoto 2nd Kyu Individuals, UMKC 2nd Kyu Teams (Chiaki Kobayashi, Isaac Kong, Kang Yang Lim, Kevin Rees, Kenji Sugimoto).
  • AUG Perth 26th Sept 1st Oct. Kyu individual 1st Kenji Sugimoto, Open team 3rd place Kenji Sugimoto, Chris Panagopoulos and Kevin Rees, Green and Gold Selection: Kenji Sugimoto, and Chris Panagopoulos.
  • Mumeishi 3's: UMKC 3rd place Graeme Currie, Chris Panagopoulos, Kenji Sugimoto.





  • 26th April 11th AGM
  • Victorian Kendo Championships: Kenji 2nd place, Daisuke 3rd place Kyu Individuals.





  • 12th AGM
  • Club kyu grade championship winner - Kang Yang Lim
  • UMKC win the Mumeishi 3's Tournament





  • 13th AGM
  • VKC: Kang Yang Lim - 2nd place in the Kyu Individuals
  • AKC: Kang Yang Lim - 2nd place in the Kyu Individuals


President: Takeru Stewart

Secretary: Andrew Lam

Treasurer: Poh Poh Lin

  • 14th AGM
  • AUG Newcastle
  • Ben Sheppard opens Nanseikan Youth Kendo Dojo
  • Chiaki Kobayashi wins Kyu Individual at the VKC, Kang Yang Lim receives Fighting Spirit award.


President: Lin Wei Chen/Michael Dun

Secretary: Jimmy Leong


  • 15th AGM
  • Ben Sheppard attains godan (5th dan), becomes sensei
  • 44 people attend the training camp in Ballarat


President: Michael Dunn

Secretary: Jimmy Leong

Treasurer: Kevin Chin

  • 16th AGM
  • AUG Brisbane: UMKC Kyu Team 1st, UMKC Open Team 2nd, Avi Ganesan 3rd Kyu Individuals, Green and Gold Team selection - Kevin Chin.
  • UMKC Team B win Mumeishi 3's tournament, Team A 2nd.
  • Russell Tran and Tom Mendelovits, along with Gary Oliver from Ballarat win the Otsuka Memorial Taikai.
  • VKC: UMKC Kyu Team 1st, Kyu Individuals Avi Ganesan 2nd, Jon Teo 3rd.
  • Club Championship Results: Senior Kyu - Taiki Matsueda 1st, Avi Ganesan 2nd, Begginers - Viet Hoang 1st, Berkay Ozcelic 2nd.


President: Thomas Mendelovits

Secretary: Viet Hoang

Treasurer: Pei Chin Yau

  • Nittaidai University held a training session at UMKC in February.
  • Over 100 people attend the Beginner's Course.
  • 17th AGM
  • Over sixty people attend the Ballarat Training Camp.
  • AUG Adelaide: UMKC Kyu Team - 1st Place, UMKC Open Team - 2nd Place, Kyu Individuals - Tom Mendelovits 1st, Ivan Chen 2nd, UMKC win five of the top eight placings.
  • Victorian Kendo Championships results: UMKC Kyu Team - 1st, UMKC Dan Grade Team - 2nd, Kevin Wu - 2nd Place Kyu Individuals, Andrew Lam and Chris Panagopoulos - 1st Place Kata Pairs, Janice Tong and Andrew Lam - Fighting Spirit Awards.
  • Yakov Macak Sensei receives the title of Renshi at the AKC.
  • Chiaki Kobatashi competes at the World Kendo Championships in Glasgow Scotland.


President: Viet Hoang

Secretary: Pei Chin Yau

Treasurer: Natalie Chiang

  • Nittaidai University Kendo Club visit for training and seminars.
  • 18th AGM
  • Kenji Sugimoto attains yondan (4th dan).
  • Andrew Lam and Chris Panagopoulos win the VKC Kata Pairs.
  • AUG (Gold Coast): UMKC Kyu Team - 1st Place, UMKC Open Team - 2nd Place, Christina Jong - Quarter Finalist in Kyu Individuals.
  • Mumeishi 3's Tournament won by UMKC B Team.
  • 30 Uni students from the Kanto Gakuren (Kanto Area Students Kendo Renmei) visited for training.
  • For the first time UMKC has enough dan grade members to hold a dan grade event at our Club Championships.
  • Club Championships Results: Dan Grade - 1st Kenji Sugimoto, 2nd Kevin Chin. Senior Kyu Grade - 1st Alex Lee, 2nd Son Nguyen. Beginner Kyu Grade - 1st David Tay, 2nd Zia Atmaja.
  • Yakov Sensei received a special certificate of commendation at the the Australian Kendo Championships for his years of service at national level as a President, as Chairman of the Kendo Board and as a competitor and Shinpan.


President: Viet Hoang

Secretary: Peter Huynh

Treasurer: Kin-On Tham

  • 19th AGM
  • AUG Melbourne (Victoria University), UMKC win both Kyu Teams and Dan Grade Teams events
  • Kyu team win VKC
  • Club Championships: Dan Grade - 1st Josh Orth, 2nd Kenji Sugimoto. Senior Kyu Grade - 1st Kevin Huong, 2nd Tony Shearer. Beginner Kyu Grade - 1st Alvin Ng, 2nd Richard Loi.
  • Kevin Chin receives Full Blue award.
  • UMKC receives MUSA Best Club award.


President: Kin-On Tham/David Tay

Secretary: Richard Zhou

Treasurer: Viet Hoang

  • April 3rd - MUSA Presentation dinner at the Bayview Eden hotel for Kevin Chin's Full Blue award and UMKC Best Club award for 2008.
  • March 29th 1st Kyu - 3rd Dan grading: David Tay and Masa Hasuoka - 1Kyu, Tony Shearer, Andy Meier, Kevin Huong, Viet Hoang - Shodan, Kevin Chin. - Sandan. UMKC's largest representation at a dan grading.
  • AKC: UMKC members Kenji Sugimoto, Andrew Lam and Kevin Chin selected for Victorian Open team, Russell Tran in Kyu Grade Team. Open team places 2nd.
  • April 22nd - 20th AGM
  • Club Championships, held on Nov 31st and Dec 2nd: Junior Kyu Division - 1st Richard T'en, 2nd Takeshi Hartono. Senior Kyu Division - 1st Kin-On Tham, 2nd Alvin Ng. Women's Division - 1st Thuy Vi Dinh, 2nd Nur Farhana. Dan Grade Division - 1st Kenji Sugimoto, 2nd Andrew Lam. Fighting Spirit - Nor Farhana Fauzy, Vi Dinh, Jeffrey Khor.


President: Richard Zhou

Secretary: Jennifer Kuo

Treasurer: Richard T'en

  • March 6th - A very successful kyu grading for UMKC members. In total we had two attempt 6th kyu, eleven 5th kyu, two 4th kyu, six 3rd kyu and one 2nd kyu. All passed.
  • March 14th - UMKC hosted the first Tournament for Kendo Beginners in Victoria. The event was held at the Kenshikan and considered by all that attended a very enjoyable and successful day. Winner: Richard T'en UMKC, 2nd Place: Nick Chan Monash, Equal 3rd Place: Daniel Huang UMKC and Vincent Lai UMKC, Fighting Spirit: Farhana Fauzy UMKC.
  • March 28th - Three UMKC members attempted dan grading. Tony Shearer nidan, Thomas Mendelovits and Michael Dunn sandan. All passed successfully.
  • April 3rd & 4th - The 35th AKC was held in Melbourne. A number of club members competed in various events and acted as volunteers and shinpan. Special congratulations to Kevin Chin, a member of the Victorian team, winners of the Open Competition. David Wright, a member of the winning Victorian Men's kyu grade team. Andrew Lam and Kevin Chin, winners of the kata competition.
  • June 26th - UMKC 2010 Taikai was held with fifty competitors in three divisions. Results as follows:
  • 6th - 4th Kyu: 1st Viet Luan Le, MBK - 2nd Nicolas Chan, Monash - 3rd: Daniel Wachtel, MBK; Aaron Siah, MBK
  • 3rd - 1st Kyu: 1st Richard Loi, UMKC - 2nd Ryoichi Saito, MBK - 3rd: Mony Sak, Monash; Alvin Ng, UMKC
  • Dan Grade: 1st: Stan Corrigan, MBK - 2nd Tony Corrigan, MBK - 3rd Reuben Barnett, MBK; Tony Shearer, UMKC
  • Fighting Spirit Awards: Sara Hwang, UMKC; Mony Sak, Monash; Vi Dinh, UMKC; David Tay, UMKC
  • Thank you to the competitors, officials, shimpan and volunteers.
    August - Victorian Kendo Championships - notable results:
  • MUKEN Kyu Team - 2nd place
    Kyu Womens individuals: Nor Farhana, 2nd
    Kata Pairs: Kevin Chin and Andrew Lam; 2nd
    Veterans': Andy Meier 2nd, Tony Shearer & Yakov Macak equal 3rd.
    September - Australian University Games:
  • Kyu Division: Takeshi Hartono, 2nd, Vincent Lai, 3rd
    Green and Gold award, Takeshi Hartono
  • November 28th - MUKEN Club Championships Results.

    Beginners: 1 Daniel Tee, 2 Yan Ling.
    Kyu: 1 Takeshi Hartono, 2 Jeffrey Khor, Equal 3 Ben Tran, Forhana Fauzy.
    Womens: 1 Forhana Fauzy, 2 Vi Dinh.
    Dan 1 Andrew Lam, 2 David Tay.
    Fighting Spirit: Joanna Ting, Forhana Fauzy, Alvin Ng.


President: Jeffery Khor

Secretary: Vincent Lai Interim Secr

Treasurer: Joanna Ting Interim Trea

  • March 6th - A successful kyu grading for MUKEN members. Nine members graded, all passed.
  • March 27th - Six members graded today. Richard Loi and Richard Zhou: 1st Kyu, Jeffrey Khor and Alvin Ng: Shodan, Minsuk Park and Masayuki Hasuoka: Nidan - all were successful.
  • April 7th - 22nd AGM
  • May 28th - MUKEN Annual Open Taikai results:

    Beginner Division - First: Yan Ling (MUKEN) Second: Michael Yeung (MUKEN) Equal Third: Joanna Ting (MUKEN), Andradi Adhiputro (MBK)
    Junior Kyu Division (6th to 3rd Kyu)- First: Nicholas Chan (Monash) Second: Takeshi Hartono (MUKEN) Equal Third: Dhanish Dangkomen (MUKEN), Richard T'en (MUKEN)
    Senior Kyu Division (2nd to 1st Kyu)- First: Nicholas Chan (Monash) Second: Takeshi Hartono (MUKEN) Equal Third: Jack Waltham (MBK), Ryoichi Saito (MBK)
    1st - 2nd Dan Division - First: Liam Jodana (MBK) Second: Keegan Almeida (Fudoshin) Equal Third: Kin On Tham (MUKEN), Takeshi Hartono (MUKEN)
    Fighting Spirit Awards - Joanna Ting (MUKEN), Dhanish Dangkomen (MUKEN), Jack Waltham (MBK), Takeshi Hartono (MUKEN)
  • Sept 27th - Australian University Games on the Gold Coast. Ben Tran: 2nd place Kyu Individuals, MUKEN: 1st place Kyu Teams.
  • Nov 26th - MUKEN Club Championships

    Beginners - 1 Slavco Jovanovski, 2 Brian La, 3 James Jiang
    Womens - 1 Joanna Ting, 2 Meera Chandranath
    Kyu Grade - 1 Yan Ling, 2 Richard T'en, 3 Vincent Lai, Takeshi Hartono
    Dan Grade - 1 Kenji Sugimoto, 2 Kevin Chin, 3 Thomas Mendelovitz, Andrew Lam
    Fighting Spirit - Yan Ling, James Jiang, Thomas Mendelovitz


President: Viet Hoang

Secretary: Takeshi Hartono

Treasurer: Kevin Chin

  • March 11th - A successful kyu grading for MUKEN members; Dhanish Dangkomen 2nd kyu, Kevin Starow and Slavco Jovanoski 5th kyu.
  • March 25th - 1st kyu to 3rd dan grading. Takeshi Hartono and Richard T'en received 1st kyu and Tony Shearer 3rd dan.
  • April 7th to 9th - The Australian Kendo Championships were held in Canberra. The Victorian squad, of which Kenji Sugimoto, Andrew Lam, and Richard T'en were members, saw victories in the Kyu and Open team competitions, finishing first place for both.
  • Kevin Chin successfully attained his 4th Dan at the AKC gradings.
  • April 26th - 23rd AGM
  • May - MUKEN Annual Taikai Results.

    Beginners: 1 Haruki Reid, 2 Darren Page, 3 Vivian Thang & Kristine Ventura
    Junior Kyu: 1 Haruki Reid, 2 Darren Page, 3 Meera Chanderananth & Michael Yeung
    Senior Kyu: 1 Takeshi Hartono, 2 Viet Le Luan, 3 Nicholas Chan & Steven Ta
    1st - 2nd Dan Division: 1 Clement Guo, 2 Takeshi Hartono, 3 Jeffery Khor & Son Nguyen
    Fighting Spirit: Sherry Mayo, Echo Xushi Li, Kristine Ventura, Nol Arabit
  • July - Victoria Kendo Championships. MUKEN saw amazing success at the VKC with a total domination of the Kyu Teams and a close second in the Dan Teams.

    In the Kyu individual competition, Richard Loi placed second and Richard Ten placed equal third.
    In the Womens Kyu competition, Meera Chandrananth placed first.
    In the Kata pairs, MUKEN placed second.
    In the Kyu teams, MUKEN teams A and B placed first and second respectively, resulting from an all MUKEN Kyu team final.
    In the Open teams, MUKEN team A placed second, losing to MBK in a very close battle.
    Jing Hui Chan (Joshua) won the Fighting Spirit award.
    Of the 21 member MUKEN squad, 18 received at least one medal.
  • September Gradings.
  • October - Australian University Games.

    Though MUKEN lost the Kyu team division that it has come to dominate in the past years, we managed to claim a clear and decisive victory in the Open team division, placing first against UTS. Coupled with victories in the individual divisions, MUKEN became overall champions of the AUG Kendo tournament for 2012. The last time we won this title was in 2009 in Melbourne.
    Takeshi Hartono placed first in the Kyu Individuals.
    Viet Hoang placed third in the Dan Individuals, with Jeffrey Khor a close fourth.
    MUKEN placed second on the Kyu teams.
    MUKEN placed first in the Open teams.
    Takeshi Hartono was also awarded the Green and Gold award.
    Takeshi Hartono and Viet Hoang were awarded the prestigious Full Blue award by the University of Melbourne for their results in the AUG, and Jeffrey Khor was awarded a Half Blue.
  • November - Club Championships Results.

    Beginners: 1 Jularaj Suthibutr, 2 Joshua Chan, 3 Justin Ireson & Rallas Buttriss
    Womens: 1 Meera Chandrananth, 2 Joanne Chow, 3 Vivienne Tran & Cheryl Low
    Kyu: 1 Vincent Laiwin, 2 Meera Chandrananth, 3 Jularaj Suthibutr & Joshua Chan
    Dan: 1 Kenji Sugimoto, 2 Richard Ten, 3 Kevin Chin & Son Nguyen
    Fighting Spirit: Justin Ireson, Joanne Chow, Meera Chandrananth


President: Viet Hoang

Secretary: Jularaj Suthibutr

Treasurer: Joanne Chow

  • March Gradings
  • April - Australian Kendo Championships Sydney

    MUKEN sent 6 members as part of the Victorian Squad, with a large number of our members comprising the Kyu team: Kenji Sugimoto, Andrew Lam, Son Nguyen, Jularaj Suthibutr, Dhanish Dangkomen, Yan Ling.
    Kenji Sugimoto and Andrew Lam were a part of the Victorian Dan team which came second overall.
    Son Nguyen was a part of the Victorian Kata pair that came first.
    Yan Ling, Dhanish Dangkomen, Jularaj Suthibutr were a part of the Victorian Kyu team which came second overall.
  • April 18th - 24th AGM
  • August - VKC

    Yan Ling (1st place Kyu Individuals)
    Joanne Chow (3rd place Kyu Women's Individuals)
    Meera Chandrananth (3rd place Kyu Women's Individuals, Fighting Spirit Award)
    Andrew Lam and Son Nguyen (1st place Kata Pairs)
    MUKEN Kyu Team A - Russell Tran, Meera Chandrananth, Yan Ling, Jularaj Suthibutr, Joshua Chan (2nd place Kyu Teams)
  • November - MUKEN Club Championships

    1st Year: 1 Yaya Bonggotgetsakul, 2 Aiden Dang
    Kyu: 1 Jularaj Suthibutr, 2 Justin Ireson, 3 Brian La, Meera Chandrananth.
    Womens': 1 Meera Chandrananth, 2 Yaya Bonggotgetsakul.
    Junior Dan: 1 Yan Ling, 2 Vincent Laiwin, 3 Richard T'en, Takeshi Hartono.
    Senior Dan: 1 Yan Ling, 2 Andrew Lam, 3 Richard T'en, Tony Shearer.
    Fighting Spirit: Cheryl Low, Eddie Nagul, Viet Hoang
  • December - MUKEN/Victoria University Interclub Shiai

    The first meeting between the two university clubs resulted in a very close match up that saw the Melbourne University Kendo Club team defeat Victoria University Kendo Club by one point.
  • December 7th - Mumeishi 3s

    MUKEN sent two teams to this year's Mumeishi 3s with Team A (YaYa, Meera and Son) winning the Team Fighting Spirit Award.


President: Jularaj Suthibutr

Secretary: Justin Ireson

Treasurer: YaYa Bonggongetsukal

  • March Gradings - a number of MUKEN kenshi successfully graded.
  • April - 39th Australian Kendo Championships Perth

    Richard T'en was a part of the Victorian Dan team which came second overall.
    Son Nguyen was a part of the Victorian Kata pair that placed second.
    Jularaj Suthibutr won the Australian Kyu Grade IndividualsChampionship.
  • April 18th - 25th AGM
  • April 19th - 20th 39th Australian Kendo Championships: Notable results:

    Mens' Dan: 3rd Richard T'en
    Mens' Kyu Team: 2nd, team included Jularaj Suthibutr and Jamie Shen
    Womens' Kyu Team: 1st, team included Yaya Bonggotgetsakul.
    Mens' Dan Team: 2nd, team included Richard T'en and Kenji Sugimoto (captain)
  • May 9th-11th MUKEN Camp Ballarat, attended by 45 MUKEN members, 23 Monash Kendo Club, and 2 Ballarat Kendo Club members.
  • May 24th. MUKEN celebrates its 25th anniversary with a Taikai and dinner. Click here for more information and Taikai results.
  • August. VKC - Notable results:

    Mens' Kyu: 1st Jularaj Suthibutr, 3rd Justin Ireson
    Womens' Kyu: 1st Meera Chandrananth
    Veterans': 3rd Tony Shearer
    Mens' Dan: 1st: Daniel Kwang Yul Jeong
    Womens' Kyu Team: 1st MUKEN
    Mens' Kyu Team: 2nd MUKEN
    Mens' Dan Team: 1st MUKEN
  • September Australian University Games - Notable results:

    Female Kyu Individual 2nd Place: Yaya Bonggotgetsakul
    Men Dan Individual 1st Place: Daniel Kwang Yul Jeong
    Kyu Team 3rd Place: Melbourne University (Yaya Bonggotgetsakul, Joanne Chow, Justin Ireson, Cheryl Low, Faiz Jais)
    Green and Gold: Cheryl Low, Faiz Jais