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Hamamatsucho Laser/Bowling & Dinner
Posted: July 10, 2015 by Eugene Toh

The Melbourne University Kendo Club started the month of May with a bang, or in this case, a zap! with its annual Laser Tag and Bowling Dinner night. Beginning at 6 PM, 24 MUKEN Kendoka swapped their shinais for laser rifles and took to the field of battle at Strike Melbourne Central, firing with trigger-happy zeal in a battle for supremacy. Ultimately, one kendoka emerged victorious from the bloodbath: Enoch Chan, a bold MUKEN beginner claimed the title of master sharpshooter and was rewarded with a small gift for his efforts.

The MUKEN kendoka were then divided into several groups based on an approximation of their individual abilities and ushered into lanes where they tested their throwing arm (and possibly tenouchi) through the time-honored sport of bowling. Despite most kendoka having never touched a bowling ball in their lives, they displayed great aptitude, quickly mastering the ability to take down most pins and land spares (if not strikes) with seemingly little effort (tenouchi at work!). However, there could only be one winner: a title that went to Samuel Day, netting him a small gift and proving that Sam Day could still function with optimal efficiency at (Sam) night.

Finally, the MUKEN kendoka called it a (Sam) day and proceeded to enjoy Korean culinary delights at Warra Warra on Bourke Street, where they ate, drank and were merry. On behalf of MUKEN, I would like to extend umpteen thanks to the organizer of the event, Dan Thanh Nguyen for making this night of good fun and club bonding possible. Additionally, I would like to thank all the kendoka, beginners and seniors alike for making time in your busy schedules to attend this social event!

Laser Tag and Bowling Dinner night Laser Tag and Bowling Dinner night Laser Tag and Bowling Dinner night Laser Tag and Bowling Dinner night