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2015 Victorian Kendo Championships
Posted: August 27, 2015 by Eugene Toh

Over the weekend of 15-16th August, the Melbourne University Kendo Club (MUKEN) participated in the annual Victorian Kendo Championships (VKC), hosted by the Victorian Kendo Renmei. The competition, which took place at Victoria University in Footscray, began with individuals matches on Saturday, with teams matches as well as the prize giving ceremony taking place on Sunday.

This year, MUKEN sent two mens teams and one womens team to compete in the Kyu Teams Division, and two mens teams for the Open Teams event. MUKEN saw several of its team's players also participate on day one of the VKC. Notable among these participants were several beginners whose participation in the VKC would be their first competition outside of their home dojos. Additionally, several non-competing MUKEN members turned up to serve as volunteers as well as to watch and cheer on the competitors.

MUKEN fought hard over the two days, emerging victorious as both MUKENs Womens and Mens Kyu Teams took first place in their respective competitions, while MUKENs Open Team A finished with a close second place. MUKENs Mens Kyu Team B, Open Team B and Kata Team also fought to the best of their abilities despite not winning any medals.

Meanwhile in the individuals competitions, several MUKEN competitors managed to fight their way out of their initial pools and contesting fighters from other clubs, with Daniel Jeong Sensei eventually winning the Mens Open Individuals while Kenji Sugimoto Sensei came in third place. The individuals events were not to be limited to victories won by men alone- Yaya Bonggotgetsakul managed to fight her way to second place in the Womens Kyu Individuals, despite sustaining injuries in her earlier matches.

Alongside these victories and competitive results, MUKEN also found pride in winning one of the four coveted Fighting Spirit awards, bestowed upon Richard Ten. These awards are given to competitors who embody the essence of Kendo and display exceptional attention to detail, with correct form and fighting spirit; a representation of the type of Kendo to which all MUKEN members will always continue to strive.

Overall, this years VKC was a personal triumph for the club and marked great success with MUKENs new competitive direction. However, the club has little time to rest on its laurels as future competitions such as the Australian University Games draw near, giving MUKEN members yet another opportunity to prove themselves in the sport.

The path to great Kendo is never-ending, and so the club will never stop in its pursuit of victory.

Daniel Jeong sensei - 2015 Victorian Mens' Open Champion MUKEN Womens' Kyu Team MUKEN Open Mens' Team A Team MUKEN!

Notable MUKEN Results

Women Kyu Individuals

2nd - Yaya Bonggotgetsakul

Men Open Individuals

1st - Daniel Jeong
3rd - Kenji Sugimoto

Men Kyu Team

1st - MUKEN A

Women Kyu Team

1st - MUKEN

Men Open Team

2nd - MUKEN A

Fighting Spirit Awards

Richard T'en