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Victorian Kendo Championships 2017!
Posted: August 15, 2017 by Takeshi Hartono

Over the weekend, 38 Muken members woke up really early in the morning to eat banh mi and sleep in Victoria Uni.

More importantly though, we participated in the annual Victorian Kendo championship - an event we all have been anticipating and training really hard for.

We achieved excellent results that reflected every member's efforts, the senseis' patient guidance and the support we gave one another throughout the entire campaign. (Please see photo for results)
Also we can't forget to mention the 4 beginners - Saint, Risa, Kevin & Seven who competed at their first vkc and performed outstandingly! Well done!

Thank you to everyone who trained with us and helped us grow as kendoka. We will aim to come back bigger and stronger every year!

Group photo 1 Group photo 2 Our Sensei and Taisho Daniel! Our Senseis Kenji and Daniel