MUKEN Kendo Beginners' Course

The 2018 course commences on Monday 26th February.


The first week of the course is a free trial. Following the free trial week, the course will continue for a further nine weeks with two classes each week.

Kendo Beginners, Melbourne

The Melbourne University Kendo Club (MUKEN) Beginners' Course is aimed at complete beginners with no previous experience with kendo or martial arts. A free trial week commences from Monday, February 26th. Following the free trial, lessons will be given twice a week in a group setting by experienced instructors for a further nine weeks. Student or non-student, all are welcome at MUKEN.

Please click here to download the 2018 Beginners' Course Information Pack.

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Dates and Times

Commences on Monday February 26th at 5:30pm.

The Club training times are Monday 5:30-7:30pm and Thursday 5:00-6:30pm

Attendance at the first session, regular attendance thereafter and strict punctuality is expected. Students who cannot fulfill these requirements may be denied MUKEN membership.

The course will be held in the Sports Centre, West Stadium - click here for a location map.

Additionally, the club will be visiting the Clyde Hotel after the first class. All are invited to attend, and it will be an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. If you have any questions about kendo, you can ask the senior members then!

Cost Options:

Full Beginner Course Package: $230

  • Enrolment into the 10 week beginner course program
  • Shinai (bamboo sword)
  • Shinai Bag
  • Uniform Set (Navy Blue Gi and Hakama)

Beginner Course and Shinai: $130

  • Enrolment into the 10 week beginner course program
  • Shinai (bamboo sword)
  • Shinai Bag


Once you complete the beginner course, you can choose to become a full member of MUKEN. There will be a one off cost of $165. This covers:

  • Membership to Melbourne University Sports, Victorian Kendo Renmei, Australian Kendo Renmei: With this you will be eligible to enter competitions and gradings within Australia. This also includes insurance to cover any injuries you may sustain from any official training or competitions.
  • Zekken / Nafuda (Name Tag): Worn over the tare, this contains your name and is your main identifier while in armour
  • Tenugui (Hand Towel): The 25th anniversary MUKEN tenugui can be used to wear under the men, or as a simple decoration.
  • Armour Hire and Training up until July 22, 2018: You can attend any regular trainings FREE of charge from May up until July 22, 2018. If you also require the use of club armour, it can be borrowed from the club (subject to availability) for no additional cost for that duration.



During the course, students are to come in loose fitting casual attire (track pants and tee shirt are recommended) and be ready to take off any jewellery that may obstruct or injure you during training. However, by 7th May 2018, you will be expected to wear the Kendo Keigo-gi and Hakama if you decide to continue training with us till then.


More Information

Please click here to download the 2018 Beginners' Course Information Pack.



Please do not hesitate to direct any enquires to the club:

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