MUKEN Dojo Requirements

    Kendo dojo requirements
  • Before training, write your name in the attendance book and pay the training fee (if applicable).
  • The floor should be swept at the beginning of training. It should also be checked for nails, holes, floor fittings or other protuberances that may cause injury. These should be flattened or taped over as the situation requires.
  • All club armour is to returned to the same position in the store room (for mixing of armour sections, first see the armourer or club executive members). If you train on a continual basis the club's armourer may allocate a specific set for your use. If you do not continually train, it may be allocated to someone else.
  • Due to limited storeroom space, all private armour should be taken home with you after each practise. Only the club's armour should be kept in the storeroom.
  • All of your shinai, bokuto, shinai bag etc. should ne clearly marked with your name. These items should not be left in the club's storeroom.
  • Do not leave your tenegui, keikogi or hakama in the storeroom.
  • Please keep the storeroom as clean as possible, as it's there for all to use.
  • Whenever you leave the store room, lock the door.
  • The less time we spend organising and cleaning, the more time we have for training.